The Website of Darryl Blonski

I know what you're thinking. Handsome? Sure. Brilliant? Of course. But is Darryl Blonski more than just a disembodied head (and those things I just said)?

Yes... Yes he is.

He is a poet, an artist, a secret class clown, a tea totaller, a model for suggestive pictures, a donkey wrestler, a man who once sailed around the world in something other than a boat, a collector of doomsday devices, a rescuer of stray cats, someone who picks up change off the ground, an eater of dog biscuits, someone who once proved you can pick your friend's nose, a collector of knowledge in preparation for the collapse of civilization, a Catholic school graduate, a proponent of self surgery, someone who will always suffix your sob story with "And?", a Star Trek and Futurama fan, someone who won't watch any shows on ABC until the third season because he's afraid the morons will cancel it like they cancelled Defying Gravity (which was probably the best show those talentless schmucks at ABC have managed to stumble upon during what I assume is a perpetual drunken stupor), a reader of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, a reasonably good ping-pong player, a watcher of the Wonder Pets, someone who falls asleep at birthday parties, a catfish noodler, a jazz noodler, a noodler of various other things (some of which really aught not be noodled), someone who writes about himself in the third person...