About Me

Me and Quin at the farm

If you've ever been intersted in finding out all about me, you're in the wrong place, because you belong in a sanitarium. But, if you've managed to greese yourself up with toothpaste and slip between the window bars and make it to your local Internet cafe or public library, then welcome (I guess)...

Manalapan, NJ
Old enough to remember Ice, Ice Baby playing at an 8th grade dance
Sagita Ophiu Sagittarius. Probably. I don't know anymore and I'm pretty sure I don't care.
Investing. Is that a hobby? I don't have time for much else besides work, taking care of my son and investing. I think investing is more "hobby-ish" than folding laundry. I play guitar (poorly) on occasion. If you're in computers, you basically have to relearn your profession every few years, so there's really no spare time.